Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is the beginning...

I've been pondering a new etsy shop and a new blog for a while now. Plenty of excuses .. too busy, kids are keeping me up at night.. not enough skills, no models. The list goes on but i tackled each one of my excuses and here it is :)

I knew I needed a good inventory so I combed through the thrift store and the fabric store and the local antique haunts. Not much to be had in Dayton but if you want to find it you can. I discovered I love yellow on the right person. I discovered if you make a shirt out of stretch lace you don't need to use a zipper, and I discovered that I waste A LOT of time online! I also learned I can not go into a sewing store and just buy one thing.

The burning question... what to call my shop? I've been through morninglite (my original buyer name which I have pointed out to my friends sounds like a delicious breakfast sausage Morning Lite! Maybe something soy or vegetarian but maybe not a name for clothing. I have used that screen name a lot because it's usually not taken by someone else.
I also considered CatsInTheBag (don't let the cat out of the bag.. get it?) ~smiles~ Another thought was PinUpWife but thats too pigeon holed. I may not always do sexy pin up clothing. Some of my stuff looks like granny clothes.. haha.

On to Jaime Nicole. My sisters names. I love the way they sound together. It's so much better than mine. Heidi. Oh I like my name it just doesn't flow with much. German names are hefty and hearty but not super romantic. Helga, Olga, Adelaide.. Heidi Spurgenfloogen Augenwimpern. You get the point I guess. So now I have the name, the stuff and the blog!

I love my Vintage finds and I promise ya'll.. once they fit me I'm KEEPING THEM!! Till then when I run across a beautiful vintage slip or clothing item in a yard sale or a thrift shop I will be posting it in my shop for someone to enjoy

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